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Anzac Day 2016

We commemorate ANZAC day and pay tribute to our veterans and peace keepers as if it was all in the past…whether its instant news coverage or not – there seems to be today,  slaughters everywhere in the same names of ideology, nationalism and religion.  ANZAC Day is a thank you and a rememberance of those that sacrificed not just their life in war but also in their lives and sanity of their survival.

A few images from Sydney’s Anzac Parade last weekend and public holiday – for those of you that do not recognise the anacronym ANZAC – it means Australian, New Zealand Army Corp and also celebrates the friendship and mateship of Australians and New Zealanders that was forged when they fought together in the trenches of World War 1.   ANZAC March Easy Soldier 1501 Handshake Digger

The Kangaroos Visit Rome Art Exhibition opens in Rome this week. It will be opened by the Australian ambassador to Italy and is very exciting!  After much deliberation and useful suggestions the 4 entries I chose to exhibit are being fastened this week to the walls of the contemporary art gallery – the Galleria Guilia in Via Della Barchetta.   The selected images are below…8993 Salt Lakes WA W

Beautiful patterns from the river systems in Central & Western Australia

Beautiful patterns from the river systems in Central & Western Australia

Karatha CoastAerial Patterns Over Outback Queensland


Kakadu  is a World Heritage Listed area in Northern Australia and one of the most amazing places on earth!  20,000sq klms of wilderness that encompasses; massive escarpments bordering Arnhem  Land,  stone country, monsoon forest, savannah woodlands, coast, billabongs and floodplains and up to 20,000 years of Aboriginal rock art.   Wildlife is prolific and the national park is also a protected corridor for migratory birds.  The area is jointly managed by the traditional Aboriginal owners and national parks. Hopefully the images will show some of its extraordinary beauty.



Darter on Yellow WatersJabiru Cooinda  BillabongJacana on Lily PadsFloodplain




Kakadu Saltie SwimmingDarterKakadu Floodplain  Nourlangi Rock ArtRed Flying FoxKakadu Sunset    Lotus Lily KakaduTermite Mound Ubirr KakaduWhite Bellied Sea EagleSaltwater Crocodile  Tree Silhouette Ubirr Ubirr Whistling DucksWetlands

Australia is a huge continent with great diversity and there is no better way to appreciate this than from the air. Even the famous monolith of Uluru (Ayrs Rock)  or the sacred site of Kata Juta (The Olgas) are even more majestic when looked down upon and their total size can be appreciated.  The salt lakes of the interior and the world’s longest parallel sand dunes are absolutely stunning in colour, texture and natural art.
9087 Central Australia W8999 Aerial near Mitchell Plateau W9117 Kata Juta  W  Portrait of Central Australia 9048 Salt Lakes Desert WA  W9121 Kata Juta  W
9183 Parallel Sand Dunes Gibson Desert W  9244 Simpson Desert W8993 Salt Lakes WA W 9105 Uluru

A while ago  I was in Paris which I love and after I had been back a while I had to go to Melbourne (Australia) and it was only after wandering around the centre of Melbourne that I realised why it is considered the most European of Australian cities.   I began to see a resemblance..  As you will see, there are in fact a few similarities – Images are of both Paris and Melbourne.

From the air, you begin to realize just how massive and diverse the continent of Australia is. This selection of aerial images show the patterns and colours that can be seen from above and include flooded river systems, Lake Eyre, the Channel Country, Simpson Desert and its Parallel Sand Dunes (largest parallel dune system in the world), salt lakes and coastal landscapes.Aerial Patterns Over Outback Queensland Portrait of Lake Eyre Approach View Aerial Tree Patterns in Central Australia Patterns of an Aerial Tree - Flooded RiverSalt Lake Near Wyndham WA Between Paradurboo & Exmouth Patterns of Flooded River Systems Karatha Coast Karatha Salt Lake Eyre Approach View Lake Eyre Colours 2 Lake Eyre South Fan Pattern Onslow Coast Parallel Sand Dunes Simpson Desert Salt Lakes in Central Australia

Well this is a novel addition but they are so beautiful in their own earthy way, that I wanted to write about them!

The Pilbarra is a half million square kilometre wilderness area in Western Australia.  It is where Australia’s huge iron ore industry is located.  The rich deposits of iron ore are being shipped off to China as fast as it can be hauled out of the ground.   This landscape is Pre-Cambrian –  two billion years in the making and therefore  ’pre-life’.   Fortunately in 1969 the Karijini National Park was established preserving this strikingly beautiful landscape.  Deep, blood-red  gorges, steep cliffs, bone white Snappy Gums, golden spinifex and the stunning ochre coloured termite mounds define this  ageless land.  These structures are built by the industrious collectives of the Spinifex Termites.  There there may be a million    of these little creatures in one mound surviving their harsh habitat by utilisiIMG_3675 Karijini Termite Mounds Smrng their    extraordinary engineering skills to control the heat and humidity of their homes.  Their  mounds also act as a defense against predators, a food source and a recyclable way of  enhancing the nutrients in this ancient soil.

The Aboriginal people of this area understood this habitat and the animals that survived     here.  The Spinifex Termites were used for medicine and as a supplementary food source.   They only took from the land what they needed and also survived for tens of  thousands of years.


Honeymoon Bay Eastern TasmaniaTasmania, the most southerly state of Australia and possibly the most  beautiful.  Wild, often cold it has major national parks, old growth forests, magnificent coastlines and small islands plus an abundance of  Australian wildlife.  I have posted a few images taken last week, on my website:  You can view them under Albums – Australia – Tasmania.

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