Why Goatshiteambulance?Goat Ambulance

One night when I was travelling in the Greek islands with a close friend, we were offered a lift in a ‘ute’ or pick-up truck. We clambered in the back to find that before us – it had been used to transport his precious goats….My mate yells out that it is like travelling in an ambulance for goats that was full of ‘shite’. So we called it the goatshiteambulance and were immediately convulsed by somewhat juvenile, inexplicable laughter for the rest of the ride.

It evokes fond memories of travel without too much restraint!

I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively over many years for both business and pleasure and in the process  I have kept written stories of some of the more bizarre or interesting places and experiences.  With 88 countries I have many stories and so have decided to share some of them – I hope you find them interesting …

Looking for images for magazines, articles, newspapers or just as an addition to an art collection?  Or – just curious about places ie Madagascar…Then take a look at my other website:   http://www.hayleyanderson.com  – The Albums column opens up to the sub categories and the gallery page has a list of places that don’t really fall into the broad categories of places.

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