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From the air, you begin to realize just how massive and diverse the continent of Australia is. This selection of aerial images show the patterns and colours that can be seen from above and include flooded river systems, Lake Eyre, the Channel Country, Simpson Desert and its Parallel Sand Dunes (largest parallel dune system in the world), salt lakes and coastal landscapes.Aerial Patterns Over Outback Queensland Portrait of Lake Eyre Approach View Aerial Tree Patterns in Central Australia Patterns of an Aerial Tree - Flooded RiverSalt Lake Near Wyndham WA Between Paradurboo & Exmouth Patterns of Flooded River Systems Karatha Coast Karatha Salt Lake Eyre Approach View Lake Eyre Colours 2 Lake Eyre South Fan Pattern Onslow Coast Parallel Sand Dunes Simpson Desert Salt Lakes in Central Australia

Scenery Prince Christian Sound  GreenlandBirds on Floating Iceberg

Greenland –   the least populated country in the world & the largest island on earth.  What an incredible country – most of the landmass, certainly in winter, is covered with ice and snow.  I was there at the end of Inuit Girl and Puppythe European summer and the ice had melted in the south, the grass was green and wildflowers bloomed inIceberg in Prince Christian Sound Greenland profusion.   Travelling through the spectacular Prince Christian Sound, we navigated the large and beautiful icebergs, gazed in awe at the hanging glaciers and those that had crept to touch the aquamarine waters of the sound. A small Inuit village was tucked into the shelter of a cove, as usual the large white church dominating the tiny settlement.

The capital, Nuuk is not so beautiful but an interesting capital city and surrounded by spectacular scenery. The small towns of Nanortalik and Qatortok were deInuit Kids Playing in a Fountain on a Summer Day in GreenlandGlacier Prince Christian Sound Greenlandlightful, with their brightly painted houses, small harbours, and friendly Inuit people out and about enjoying the daylight and the occasional warmth from the short summer’s sun.

 House at Nanortalik

House at NanortalikLocal Inuit Family Preparing Freshly Caught Fish in Their BackyaTown of Nanortalik

Seaweed Harvesting at Dusk  W The 3 islands of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Cenangan & Nusa Penida are off the coast of Bali in Indonesia.  They are islands where the people of all ages work incredibly hard to scrape a living from harvesting the rich, green seaweed around the coastal fringes of their islands.  The seaweed is then sent to Japan and China for processing where it is used in diet foods, icecream, cosmetics etc..    Lembongan and Cenangan are becoming a haven for travellers and the islands are bringing more prosperity to some of the population and as a result they are beginning to change.  Nusa Penida is the largest and the most intriguing, because it is the most ‘untouched’ and gives the visitor an insight into what Bali must have been like before being discovered  by westerners.Unloading At Toyapakeh Nusa Penida W Elderly Seaweed Farmer On  Nusa Penida W Lembongan Beach at Sundown W Seaweed Harvesting off Lembongan Beach Public Boat Lembongan W Fisherman Nusa Lembongan WBreakfast on the BeachUnloading the Public Boat on Nusa Lembongan

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